31 January 2008

Best of 2007

In no particular order, my picks for Best Movies of 2007:

Czeka na nas swiat (The World is Waiting for Us)

Love in the Year of the Tiger

(sadly, neither of these films seems to have secured a wider release)

No Country for Old Men


This is England

Hot Fuzz

Live Free or Die Hard

Lars and the Real Girl


Veruka2 said...

Whatever. You just like Superbad cause that 19 year old you thought was hot was playing it at the bar.

culture_vulture said...

Actually, you've got the causality confused. I was into the 19 year old because he appreciated the genius of Superbad. Well, and he seemed very mature for his age.

I guess, not having seen it, you haven't realized how often I quote that movie.

Veruka2 said...

I think you are correct in defending your original argument that my knowledge deficit in this area is extremely disabling. I need to rent that shit.