09 February 2008

Killer of Sheep

This movie reminded me a lot of Soy Cuba (although that film is, I think, far better, and has much more impressive cinematography) - both films have an extremely intimate feel to them. It's quite incredible actually - there's a way in which you constantly feel as though you're getting a glimpse of people at their most private moments, even when you're watching them at work in a crowded slaughterhouse. There's something very poignant about the footage, despite the fact that most of it is actually quite mundane.

There's not a lot of plot to the movie, but it's of interest just for the documentation of life in Watts in the late 70's. What kind of intrigued me about it was the way it was simultaneously urban and curiously rural. It occurs to me, once again, that America is actually a very young nation, and a lot of its major metropolitan areas have only really become big cities in the last 50 years or so. So it's almost like the people living in them are inadvertently finding themselves there, and are still kind of figuring out how it works. I dunno, there's something interesting about it.

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