17 April 2010


I am a total sucker for cross-cultural romances, especially ones where the couple starts out not even knowing each others' language. I know it's probably a total fantasy and completely unrealistic, but is it really so different from the schlock that Hollywood peddles?

Kinamand is a bittersweet, touching story, very well acted, and overall lovely. Much recommended.

My only complaint is that the Chinese isn't translated. I understand that the point is that we're encountering events from the perspective of the protagonist, so if he doesn't understand, why should we. Nonetheless, I think it would generally be a good thing if movies like this provided subtitles for all of the dialogue, rather than leaving the "foreign" language strange and mysterious. Ling isn't speaking some kind of gibberish, even if we don't know what she's saying. I have no doubts that the film is enhanced when you understand her actual words. So why not translate them?

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