19 February 2012

The Future

I loved Me You and Everyone We Know, and I liked the book of Miranda July short stories I read (though they did feel a bit one-trick-pony-ish after awhile), so I was looking forward to seeing The Future, though I had my doubts about how good it'd be. I figured July could easily have gotten either too weird or too precious for me to enjoy her as much I had earlier, and as it turns out, she kind of did. But I enjoyed The Future anyhow. I don't think it's a great movie, but I do think you can tell, watching it, that she's a talented and interesting person (it's kind of the same way I felt about Shame, actually). Though the film is kind of odd and not that fantastic, there are some really wonderful scenes, and something about her overall vision that is just really interesting.

The movie does have one really major flaw though, which is that there's a talking cat, and it's voice makes you want to put a bullet in your head. The fact that it's very clearly Miranda July's voice just makes it that much more annoying. I fucking hated that cat. What it was saying was actually kind of interesting, and had some elegant parallels to other aspects of the film, but all of that was largely irrelevant, because every time that fucking cat appeared on screen, I wanted to punch someone.

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