19 February 2012

Safe House

This is basically a totally standard political thriller. There's pretty much nothing unique or different about it, except for the fact that Denzel Washington is in it and he's great. And he really is great. I could watch him for days. The man has the most wonderful hypnotic voice. Ryan Reynolds, on the other hand, always looks kind of moronic to me, and is utterly uninteresting on screen (though I will give him props for speaking Portugese with what sounded like surprisingly decent pronunciation). So far as I can tell, the man has two facial expressions that he alternates between. Him and Channing Tatum. I just don't get it. They look like mouth breathers.

I don't want to give away the plot or anything, although you can probably guess exactly how it's gonna go, because so far as I can tell, most movies like this are basically the same. This, to my mind, makes their attempts at moral exploration utterly unconvincing. Is there anyone working for the CIA who is really surprised to find out that the government does some shady shit?

I will say that the movie moves at a fairly brisk pace, the action sequences are pretty quality, and I was not bored. But yeah, no need to rush out and see this one.

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