10 February 2014


It is always at least a little bit impressive to see Kristin Scott Thomas speak French -- although there are plenty of American movies where actors are using their second (third, fourth, who knows) language, there's something surprising about seeing it in a non-anglophone film. But the movie doesn't offer much else, aside from a few great sex scenes, and the always dazzling ability Thomas has to let her face be a conduit for flickering emotions. Thomas plays a woman who falls in love with a construction worker who is helping to renovate her home office. She wants a divorce from her husband, and he not only doesn't want to give her one, he does everything in his power to starve the lovers out -- so that she will come back to him. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't end well. 

The film mostly trucks in melodrama and cliche, without really developing the characters (surprisingly, it's the lover who is most realized psychologically, despite being highly unrealistic). The movie wants to be a daring take on forbidden love across class lines, but there's just not much to it. Utterly skippable.

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