18 March 2007

Czeka na nas swiat (The World is Waiting for Us)

This movie is absolutely phenomenal. One of the best movies that I've seen in a long time. Absolutely fascinating.

The film chronicles the exploits of a man attempting to find a job, and failing. It's actually quite Beckettian, in that while the events depicted become increasingly horrific, there's a dark humor that renders the film genuinely delightful to watch, but without invalidating its tragic poignancy. It's not that you laugh because you don't realize the gravity of the situation, and it's not that you laugh out of discomfort, because there's no other appropriate response; the scenes are genuinely funny in their grim absurdity. At the same time, the film is an incredible confrontation with the realities of Poland today, a reflection of globalization and those who are left behind, offering wisdom that transcends its local context. Incidentally, I maintain that this is precisely the best way to depict a universal truth - not by casting a wide net and trying to get at the all-encompassing aspects of it, but rather, to immerse yourself in the particularities, through which the general miraculously shines through.

I managed to catch this movie at a local film festival, but if you get the chance to see it, I really couldn't recommend it more. It's quite possibly one of the best movies I've ever seen - one of those films that you find yourself talking about to anyone who will listen, and thinking back on constantly. What marks it as so amazing, in my mind, is that telling people about it, I am strongly aware of how completely incapable I am of describing it in a manner that would do it justice. This, I think, is the mark of a truly great film - that no matter what you say about it, the film itself surpasses any summary. There are so many brilliant details, bits of dialogue, facial expressions that just can't be explained in isolation. Really, it's just incredible.

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